Why IMA?

About the IMA

Founded in 1919
Mission: To provide a dynamic forum for managerial finance and accounting professionals to develop and advance their careers through certification, thought leadership, communication, networking, and advocacy of the highest ethical and professional practices.
Vision: Global leadership in education, certification, and practice of management accounting, finance, and information management.
Approximately 70,000 Members 83% U.S. 17% International
Membership Benefits

Professional Certification Programs
Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
Powerful Networking Forums
Annual Conference & Exposition, 250 local Chapters in 24 U.S. regions, online interest groups, email exchanges.

Professional Development Opportunities
CMA Learning System, leading publications Strategic Finance Magazine and Management Accounting Quarterly.

Valuable Career Resources
IMA Online Career Center
Overview of the Profession

Growing demand for accounting and finance professionals: 18% to 26% job growth rate expected through 2014 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Increasingly global marketplace, changing regulatory requirements and reporting structures demands a highly-skilled workforce.

A “skills gap” between undergrad accounting education and business needs.

140,000 CPAs in business, government, and industry. The CMA skillset best addresses their on-the-job needs.


The CMA credentials differ significantly from the CPA designation, and the decision to pursue one over the other depends entirely on one’s career goals. For a career in public accounting, the CPA designation is appropriate – and required by state law. However, more than 80% of accounting professionals in the U.S. work inside organizations, building quality financial practices into the organization through decision support, planning, and control over the organization’s value-creating operations. For these managerial finance and accounting professionals – who represent the majority of the profession – the appropriate certification is the CMA.




International recognition

Targeted to corporate financial professionals

Broad-based, industry-related content

Knowledge-Based Professional:

Preparer/user of accounting information


“Inside” corporate professionals

Higher-quality, lower-cost “beans”




Limited to U.S.; a state designation

Targeted to public accounting

Content for public practice

Skills-Based Professional:

Auditor of accounting information


Public practice licensure

Attesting to the accuracy of the “beans”



The profession’s stakeholders: accounting undergrad students, colleges/universities, corporations, professional associations.

IMA can best serve the profession by using a “holistic” view of the accounting supply chain. All functions are important: planning, forecasting, audit, tax, external reporting.

IMA and other stakeholders need to hold a higher standard to serve the market.

IMA 19th Annual Salary Survey proves increased earning power
CMAs earn 25% more than those without certification
Professionals with both CMA and CPA earn 32% more
CMA – The Gold Standard for Accounting and Finance Professionals Working Inside Organizations