Indianapolis Chapter

Our VISION is to be in the top five IMA chapters as measured by total membership and engaged members by the end of our fiscal year 2013.

Our MISSION is to provide service/program offerings to current and prospective members that will facilitate their personal and professional development and enable them to make a positive contribution in their workplace and community.


Have you thought about getting more involved with our Chapter, but didn’t quite know how? No matter what you situation, we can help you find an opportunity to get involved and contribute to our Chapter’s growth!

With our vision to be in the top five IMA chapters, we are currently working on several initiatives:

Reach out to the local colleges and universities and increase awareness among the current and graduating students.
Increase the use of our website by providing more relevant content and making it more interactive.
Reach out to local companies to increase awareness of the IMA and the many benefits, including certification (CMA).
Getting more involved with our local chapter operations has many benefits for your personal and professional development including:

Gain leadership experience and training (LTS)
Contribute to the growth and success
Meet more people and increase your network
To get involved with one of our initiative or to discuss other opportunities. please send an email to Jyoti Pandey ( We look forward to talking with you.

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